Statistics of Online Reputation Management

Statistics of Online Reputation Management

Many brand management experts are concerned about online reputation management data since it constantly changes. These altered facts or figures might derail your carefully crafted strategies in minutes.

The field of internet reputation management is ablaze with tragic tales and unfavourable rumours that might spell disaster for your professional and financial future.

However, these dangers may be readily avoided with an understanding of online reputation management. Instead of scaring you and depriving you of sleep for days, these data will assist you in determining what to do in that case.

As it happened last year when the COVID-19 epidemic rocked the nation, it is best to be ready to handle any challenge your company may face shortly. Unfortunately, many companies that didn’t adapt their practices to the new climate suffered losses and eventually failed.

No entrepreneur or businessman wants that.

This information can help you make sense of online reputation management tactics and determine what should be done or avoided.

If you apply the proper online reputation management techniques, you may prevent your business from suffering severe losses, but only if you are aware of the state of the industry. Using the best corporate reputation management practices, you can create an online persona for your organization that exudes reliability, leadership, and integrity.

The most recent data about Online Reputation Management (ORM) as of 2021:

  • 85% of customers depend on internet evaluations just as much as on suggestions from friends and family. As a result, the company’s review pages have the most impact on its internet reputation. Reviews accurately reflect your customers’ thoughts, which is why other potential consumers read them before making a purchase. Your reputation can be more fully preserved if you receive more good evaluations and respond modestly to bad ones.
  • Reviews with a star rating of 1 or 2 did not succeed in converting 86% of potential buyers into paying customers. This can be a significant loss for businesses that are initially attempting to create momentum to expand their firm. In addition, negative reviews pose a greater danger to your conversation rates.
  • 49% of customers claimed they at least look for a 4-star rating when deciding which company to utilize for their needs.
  • At least 9% more money is made for every extra one-star review. Therefore, positive, favourable Yelp reviews might cause your business to see a 9% rise in sales. You won’t even notice the benefits of asking your clients for positive feedback after every transaction for your firm. Therefore, it can be stated briefly that more stars will result in more revenue, and fewer stars will result in lesser payment.
  • You probably won’t believe it, but over 97% of buyers look for local companies online. In addition, Internet users utilize it to learn about nearby companies. In a developed country, it is accepted practice; therefore, having a solid internet presence may help your business prosper in various ways.

Search engine optimization (SEO) statistics:

  • The most crucial fact for SEO is that just 5% of users scroll past Google’s first page of results. Your business will be affected even more so than how unexpected this information is. To raise your Google ranking, Indian firms specializing in online reputation management come into play. A firm called Online Reputation Manage can assist you with deleting all of the unfavourable online information about you and your business, in addition to helping you rank higher on Google. They offer effective and efficient services with the help of their skilled team of professionals.
  • 31.7% of all traffic goes to the website that ranks first on Google, which is a significant amount of traffic. The best online reputation management organizations work to increase traffic to your company’s page. Using keywords to generate high-quality content is the most fantastic strategy to raise your ranking. Any company that wants to succeed should be ranked on Google; if you aren’t, you must do something well. Additionally, it has been shown that the page at position ten on Google only receives 3% of all traffic, proving that being average won’t benefit your business; you need to be the greatest.
  • Social media posts impact 78% of consumers’ buying decisions. So another strategy to boost your income is by using social media.


Although it may be difficult to accept these figures, they are accurate. The day PR and digital marketing firms would manage your reputation is long gone. As the job has become more complex over time, these firms cannot provide your company the same level of growth and crisis protection as online reputation management firms can.

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